Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, Israel Adesanya had certainly had certainly made name for himself among the elite in Ultimate Fighting Championship. The last stylebender is noted for his aggressive fighting mode with the using of his physical state, while his height has been an added advantage in his quest to defeat his opponent.


He might have finally lost his fight game in twenty-one bouts after his record of his undefeated was quashed by Jan Blachowicz on March 6, 2021, but the Nigerian born UFC fighter has certainly bounced back from the earlier defeat by knocking out Marvin Vettoriin UFC 263 on June 12, 2021.

However, the fastidious fighter is lauded by the UFC betting sites as the next big thing in Ultimate fighting championship due to his respond to his last defeat while he justly and quietly knocked out his counterpart in the last UFC 263 bout in Las Vegas.

More so, fighting the 22-year-old can be complicated than how it appeared due to the physical advantages that the Nigeria born UFC fighter has at his disposal.

However, we shall be looking at some of the advantages that the Ultimate fighting championship middleweight champion have at his disposal with his physical state ahead of his counterparts.

Adesanya’s height

To many that has been wondering how tall is their darling UFC fighter, Israel Adesanya? It is high time that his height is revealed and how can contributes to his future dominance will equally be attested.

Israel Adesanya is exceptionally tall as he stands 6 feet and 4 inches tall (193 cm)coupled with his athletic figure with simple and straight figure to height and a not too huge body capacity is could be attributed to his fast movement while he seems to light on his feet that allows him to bounce and make use of long leg to attack his counterpart quite well in his previous bout. However, most of his fans are women as he has an elegant personality along with attractive looks.

With his height, the Nigerian born New Zealand mixed martial artist can easily predict the movement of his counterpart which ultimately aid him on how to counter attack his opponent without his opponent thinking on how to block his own move.

In fact, due to his height, Adesanya usually have longer reaches than his mixed martial artist counterpart which are little bit shorter than him and due to this fact, his opponent usually hit him from a distance where they can’t.

Even at a closer range Adesanya has always get the better advantage throwing a vital punch at his counter while he always has the advantage of dodging his fellow fighters punch at the same time.

Although, depending on the technicality nuance of his opponent (Paulo Costa) in which landed some vital blow to the 22-years-old martial artist, Costa was able to landed some impressive blow to Israel at first but the advantage of Adesanya over Costa while he is taller than him gives the New Zealand mixed martial artist an advantage to land an overhauling blow to Costa in the match which ultimate count than his counterpart blow.

However, regardless of these factors, there are some benefits of being short in a boxing match, but with technical prowess of Adesanya, he’ll continue to have and impressive outing and his winning stat will keep raking up.

Adesanya’s weight

The middleweight champion who now have 21 victories and one defeat to his name is currently weighing 84 kg! With his weight and height, the champion is judiciously using his weight to height advantage when he combat his compatriot in his UFC bout.

With his weight range, there are going to few UFC middleweight fighters that can compete with the weight which is the highest range for a middleweight fighter in the UFC.

Having a huge body mass is an added advantage, but been flexible with it can be deadliest and that was why the only defeat suffered by Israel Adesanya, the UFC middleweight champion has only been at the superior weight challenge (lightweight) against Jan Blachowics who currently weighed 92.99 kg at the time of his victory over Adesanya in UFC 259, on March 6, is enough reason to believe in the advantage pose by the weight in mixed martial art.

Though, the trend of weight cutting through dehydration and starvation is common among fighter but the outstanding advantage of staying health with a flexible body mass is indeed a blessing for those who knows how to use it power properly and Adesanya in his past victories had demonstrated why is the champion of the middleweight with his ability to use his body mass advantage over others.

Having to throw a hefty punch against one’s opponent in bout gives a solid advantage and with his height and body structure, the Nigerian born New Zealand mixed martial artist will continue to dominate the middleweight championship due to his physicality and personality.


Adesanya’s Bios

The UFC’s middleweight champion, Adesanya is simple guy with a terrific attribute, but below are his quick bios

Basic Info
Full Name Israel Mobolaji Adesanya
Date of Birth July 22, 1998
Age 22 years
Birthday July 22
Nick Name The last Stylebender
Family name Adesanya
Birth Place Lagos, Nigeria
Current Residence Auckland, New Zealand
Gender Male
Profession Mixed martial artist, Kickboxer, boxer
Nationality Nigeria
Ethnicity Yoruba (Black)
Religion Christianity
Sun star Cancer


Adesanya’s physical stat

Below is the physical attribute of the UFC legend in making, Israel Adesanya, the UFC middleweight champion with only one defeat in twenty-two bouts

Physical stats
Height 6 ft, 4 inches (193 cm)
Weight 84 kg (185 lbs)
Measurement 44-32-37
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Dark brown
Shoe size 12 cm (American)
Tattoo Present

Adesanya’s family 

Below is all the information regarding the Lagos born mixed martial artist’s family

Father Femi Adesanya
Mother Taiwo Adesanya
Siblings Four siblings
Marital status Single
Children None